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Upcoming Live Virtual Courses

Attend 1-hour live class sessions on Zoom to learn critical video skills, interact with other students and ask questions! All classes are also recorded and stored in the BVS Library. The Library currently contains 9 core Courses, and 40+ hours of other trainings.

Included with membership ($400 value per course)

Miscellaneous Classes

Held LIVE on Zoom

  • Video Q&A Session for Support (3/29/23) Session)Facebook Reels 101 (4/11/23) 
  • Video Q&A Session for Support (4/12/23)
  • AI-Enhanced Video Scripts: Become a Local Real Estate News Pro (4/19/24)
  • Video Q&A Session for Support (4/26/23)
  • How to Find Reliable Video Editors (4/27/23)

Upcoming Video Recipes

Video Recipes give you ALL the ingredients you need to a make an effective video for your business EVERY WEEK! Each Video Recipe includes a video script, example video you can mimic, detailed instructions and editing assets.

*Use our NEWEST Video Recipe (released every Tuesday) or access 140+ Video Recipes in our catalog!* 

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Next Video Topics

✓ Improve Your Work From Home Experience

✓ What to Expect on Closing Day (Buyers Process Video)

✓ Should You Buy a Smart Thermostat?

✓ Local Amenities Every Dog Parent Should Look For

✓ What is NOT Covered by Your Homeowner's Insurance

✓ What to Expect on Closing Day (Sellers Process Video)

✓ What to Do Before You Move

✓ Should You Buy Flood Insurance?

✓ What to Say and Not Say During a Home Showing


Connie S


"They teach just about anything and everything about how to start a video, what content to put in and where to post them.
I joined them few months ago and can say that I have gained so much confidence in making more and better videos."

Dave L


"I was looking to do more, and better video for my real estate business, and this school does a great job progressing me at a workable pace, from the extreme basics, to producing high quality, well edited content. Can't wait to learn more!"

Deborah W


"If you're a solo agent who's willing to learn about video and related issues to grow your business, even if you're afraid of tech, take a risk with BVS! You won't regret it."

Marta B


"I have been working with these guys for a year and knew nothing about producing a decent real estate video! They are so helpful and patient walking me through all my technology issues and keeping me accountable with the challenges! Highly recommend!

More Than Just a Single Course...

It takes more than just a single course to learn the video skills you need to use video effectively in your business. We designed Business Video School to provide a comprehensive experience that includes education, support and accountability!

All the following services are included in a Business Video School membership.

Catalog of Courses

Watch our detailed Courses on video fundamentals, strategies, video tools, social media and more. We hold our Courses live (on a set schedule) and students can also access the recorded versions at any time!

Video Recipes

We provide all the ingredients you need to make a new video every. single. week. Plus, our catalog of Video Recipes include scripts, assets and step-by-step instructions for making 135+ videos!

Video Challenges

On average, 75% of members who opt in to our Challenges create a video. Our members love these fun themed video challenges because of the team camaraderie, accountability and extra resources they get by participating!

Q&A Sessions

Have questions about video or social media? Our weekly group Q&A sessions help you get advice and answers from our instructors in real-time!

Business Video School Campus

Our private Facebook group for members is a safe space to post videos for feedback, interact with other professionals who are making video a priority and get video ideas!

Supplemental Resources

We have a ton of supplemental resources for professionals with different needs, including live training on NEW video tools and strategies, Influencer Case Studies, bite-sized tutorials and more!

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