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Video Basics for a Changing Market

Help your agents understand WHY video is important and HOW to get started. In this webinar, we cover:

- How video is changing communication online
- Tips for getting started with video (lighting, audio, video structure, stabilization and orientation tips)
- 3 videos agents can (and should) shoot at home

The Basics of Editing Video On Your Phone

Learn how to edit a video on an Android phone AND iPhone. We walk through simple tips, such as:

- How to trim the beginning and end of a video
- How to adjust the color and add filters
- How to add and edit basic graphics

Shooting Video For Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok 

Learn the differences between Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok... and which one you should focus on. Plus, we cover how to:

- Choose the right hashtags for Instagram posts
- Adjust your content to fit the platform where you are sharing it
- Create engaging TikTok videos as an adult

How to Host Packed VIRTUAL Open Houses

Virtual open houses are more important than ever! We discuss how to pack them and deliver an engaging home tour. Plus we'll cover:

- How to use live videos, Watch Parties and Premiered videos to host virtual open houses
- How to promote your virtual open house

Video Equipment That Will Elevate Your Video Game

In this webinar, we show and demonstrate a long list of video equipment that agents should consider buying. We'll discuss:

- Our favorite phone gimbal
- Lighting and audio equipment
- The difference between beginner and intermediate levels of gear

3 Ways To Motivate Your Agents To Produce More Video

This webinar is intended for brokers and team leaders. We cover 3 ways you can motivate your agents to make more video. Warning: we're going to suggest that you make videos too! :)

7 Video Apps Every Agent Should Download

You'd be surprised to see what you can do with a simple phone app! In this webinar, we cover the 7 apps every agent should have. In particular, we cover VivaVideo, Ripl, Boomerang, BigVu,, Mojo, and Record It.

SOI Engagement + Video = Business Relationship

Your SOI is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business. Using video to engage your SOI turbocharges your results. In this webinar, we cover:

- How to use video emails to stay top of mind with your database
- How to use personalized video in text, social messaging and posts to add a personal touch

Video Topics That Will Win The Attention Of Your Clients

Choosing the right topic for a video is one of the hardest parts. We're taking the guess work out of it in this webinar where we cover: 

- How to choose topics people are GUARANTEED to find interesting!
- Developing content pillars you can use for years to inform your topic choices

10 Places to Distribute Your Video... and Which Ones to Use!

Choosing where and how to distribute your videos can feel overwhelming but there are simple ways to decide. In this webinar, we cover: 

- Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, email, text and messenger apps
- Breakdown of WHO is on these platforms and whether they are a fit for YOU 

Build a Local Influence Using Facebook Video Ads

Facebook ads are incredibly powerful and targeted. Did you know you can use them to grow a local following from scratch? In this webinar, we cover: 

- How to set up Facebook video ads on Ads Manager to target your database and local audiences
- How to set up retargeting ads to consistently nurture the same people and become a local influencer

5 Videos Every Brokerage Needs to Differentiate and Scale 

Brokerages need video too! This broker-focused webinar discusses the 5 types of videos every brokerage should create.

The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Live Video 

Live videos on Facebook get 3x longer views and more engagement than other forms of video content. That being said, there are a lot of ways to mess them up too. In this webinar, we discuss what to do and NOT do when you go live on Facebook!

How to Be a Smooth Zoom Operator 

Zoom has taken over the business world with many of us using it every day. It's a complex tool with a lot of settings! In this webinar, we discuss many of those settings, how to control them during a meeting, and how to come across as professional while running or attending a Zoom meeting.

How to Use Live Streaming Tool StreamYard 

Ever wanted to do a professional-looking remote interview or an online presentation with slides? Then you'll love StreamYard! This affordable and simple live streaming tool is great for busy business owners and has great branding tools built in. We walk through how to use it and where it might be handy in this webinar. 

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